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Academics and Life Skills


Parkland Preparatory Academy offers a comprehensive academic program, including honors level courses. All lessons are aligned with the common core teaching standards and presented in a variety of modalities to reach students on an individual level. The teachers at Parkland Preparatory specialize in differentiating instruction to make sure that students at all levels are given exposure to grade level course content. Tracking our students' academics is vital to their success. We utilize aims web plus to progress monitor our students' academic levels, which helps staff to make sure all students are progressing academically. Based on the data we have accumulated, Parkland Preparatory Academy has implemented the following initiatives:

  • Utilizing A to Z Reading for elementary students
  • Implementation of pre-reading strategies across the curriculum
  • Learning style inventories establishing appropriate learning tasks
  • MobyMax

Parkland provides hands-on/project-based learning activities in all subjects and addresses all individual learning styles. Parkland Preparatory Academy is dedicated to keeping abreast of our students' progress and their changing needs. The data collected on each student assist us in providing the most relevant curriculum and materials.

Communication is also key to the success of students and our program. A high level of communication is maintained between the Program Therapist, Classroom Teacher, Related Service Providers and parents as well as the public school district. Our parents receive:

  • Written bi-monthly progress reports on academic and behavioral functioning from the student's team.

Parkland tracks the progress of each student's goals with a self-created program that uses google programs to illustrate progress on behaviors, goal attainment, and incident reports. This tool enables us to document changes in behavior and report thorough and accurate information to the home school district.

In collaboration with public school districts, we complete the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) annual review and three year re-evaluation process for all \ students. IEP meetings are held in compliance with Illinois State Board of Education guidelines or upon district or parent request.

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