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Parkland Preparatory Academy Staff

All of our educational staff are licensed and certified by the Illinois State Board of Education (http://www.isbe.state.il.us/default.htm).Our classroom teachers are licensed by the state of Illinois as Learning Behavior Specialists-I (LBS-I) with a variety of experience in both public and private school settings. Parkland Preparatory Academy teachers understand the strengths and vulnerabilities of the students that we serve. They know the value of forming a relationship with each student to help him/her accomplish their educational goals and successfully prepare them to apply their skill sets to a post-secondary setting. Our teachers enjoy the challenges of working with students who have special education needs and have also experienced the great reward of seeing their students re-enter their public home school, graduate from our program, enter the world of competitive employment or pursue a post-secondary training or education facility.

Staff that provide support roles, such as classroom paraprofessionals, one-on-one paraprofessionals, and crisis intervention specialists, are also credentialed by the Illinois State Board of Education as Licensed Paraprofessionals. We strive to hire the most experienced and educated paraprofessionals in the field. Many of our paraprofessional staff are also credentialed to be a substitute teacher through the state because they have a bachelor's degree.

Program therapists are licensed by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (http://www.idfpr.com/) as counselors, social workers, or psychologists. All of our therapists hold at minimum a Master's degree in their chosen discipline. All have specialized training in child and adolescent development, current therapy modalities, trauma based interventions, and the latest developments in self-management of mood and of social skills training.

Parkland Preparatory Academy staff maintain frequent contact with parents, referring school districts, and other service providers that work with students outside of the school setting to best meet the needs of our students. We communicate as often as needed to maintain consistency in programming and to provide a collaborative service network for students and their families..

Every person working, in any capacity, within Parkland Preparatory Academy school building, has been screened to work with children and adolescents in an educational setting and meets Illinois State Board of Education requirements to work within a school setting.

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