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Transition Program

Parkland Preparatory Academy's transition program assists students to build the skills and confidence necessary to transition successfully to adult life. By helping students develop career goals and define long-term objectives, we prepare them for entry into the labor market. This program, geared towards the 18-21 year old students, provides:

  •  resume and cover letter writing
  •  pre-vocational classes
  •  job search techniques
  •  interviewing preparation and skill development
  •  assistance defining individual college and career goals
  •  identifying community resources
  •  job placement assistance
  •  college application assistance
Parkland Preparatory Academy partners with Parent's Alliance Employment Project (PAEP) as part of its on-going effort to provide quality transition experiences for the students. PAEP is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) for employment services.

This partnership allows Parkland students to:
  •  increase social networks within the community
  •  build a professional portfolio
  •  job shadowing and on-the -job training
  •  retain jobs through job coaching
  •  determine appropriate job accommodations through technical assistance
Parkland also provides post graduation support to all of our graduated students. This program offers:
  •  family counseling
  •  workshops geared towards post-secondary success
  •  links to community agencies
  •  links to local community colleges
  •  assistance with employment and/or post secondary training and education
  •  post graduation follow-up

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