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In conjunction with our public school district partners, Parkland offers to collect diagnostic data in the case of a 45 day alternative placements, in addition to any testing the school district may have already initiated. Parkland is also able to provide initial assessments for students, or re-evaluation assessments in areas such as academic achievement, functional performance, speech and language development, motor/sensory planning and processing and social emotional status. In addition to formalized assessments, data collection takes place in the following areas:

  • Student attendance
  • Behavior frequency and duration
  • Time spent outside of the learning environment
  • Academic benchmarking
  • Academic intervention progress monitoring


HMH Reading

The HMH Into Reading curriculum is based on research in the essential elements of literacy with scaffolds to help students encounter success. Into Reading has robust assessment data that gives teachers the information they need to differentiate reading instruction and monitor student progress toward literacy goals. Teachers also have access to more award-winning, high-interest texts for whole-class shared reading than any other core program. All text is available in print and digital formats. The texts presented are culturally relevant and reflective of our diverse world to provide learners the opportunity to see themselves in the characters. Students also have access to online practice to reinforce foundational reading skills and vocabulary learned during whole-group lessons.

HMH Math

HMH Into Math makes it easy for teachers to choose the instructional delivery—print, digital, or a combination of both—that fits their teaching style, their school’s resource availability, and their students’ needs. Assessments are embedded in the program, so teachers can easily monitor, forecast, and accelerate growth. Quality growth data to pinpoint student proficiency is readily available. The HMH Into Math curriculum includes whole-group, small-group, and partner work that encourages collaboration and mathematical discourse. Into Math is focused on meeting the needs of the whole child, inspiring students to see themselves as doers of mathematics and instilling a positive attitude toward math.

Imagine Edgenuity

The Imagine Edgenuity curriculum offers a suite of core, elective, and honors courses that can be completed for initial credit or credit recovery. Imagine Edgenuity is used to meet the needs of evolving classrooms. It can be implemented in any in-person, blended, or virtual learning model. Imagine Edgenuity draws upon decades of pedagogical and instructional research and insights from industry experts and educators to deliver effective and engaging instructional content that empowers each student to take an active role in their learning.