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All classroom teachers at Parkland are certified through the Illinois State Board of Education. Classroom teachers who have completed a program in teaching special education are certified through the state of Illinois as Learning Behavior Specialists. Our classrooms have no more than 10 students and there is a Learning Behavior Specialist and Paraprofessional in the room to help support all student’s needs.

Program Therapists

Parkland offers clinical services from professionals such as licensed counselors, licensed social workers, school social workers, art therapists, and school psychologists. Both group and individual counseling are available to students on a weekly and as needed basis.

Certified Paraprofessionals

A certified paraprofessional may be present in the classroom as a teacher’s assistant or assigned to an individual student for specific purposes to allow for that student to access their education. Individual students requiring one-on-one support as documented in their IEP will be provided with a paraprofessional credential through the Illinois State Board of Education.

Behavior Intervention Specialists

Behavior Intervention Specialists are certified paraprofessionals who support the social-emotional needs of students outside of the classroom. This staff utilizes CPI (Crisis Prevention and Intervention techniques) to maintain the safety of staff and students, while allowing the student time to de-escalate and calm down to process their thoughts and feelings. While the student may process some situations with Behavior Intervention Specialists, they are also encouraged to visit with their program therapist individually so they can continue to move forward.

Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists

Parkland contracts with outside agencies or individuals to provide speech and language therapy and occupational therapy services to students who qualify for such services. These content area specialists may also assess students as needed and consult with classroom staff about student and classroom needs related to speech and language or fine/gross motor or sensory processing needs, so the student can successfully access their education.

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